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Last updated on May 2, 2017


Revenue is calculated for each location by summing the total order value in a month, deducting tax as needed. Months start at 0:00 AM GMT, regardless of your local time zone.

All costs are per location, meaning that the pricing percentage is calculated per location. This implies that the free tier may apply to each location, as long as the revenue is lower than the free tier threshold, no costs will be charged for that specific location.

In order to properly calculate the revenue of a location, all CloverTwo devices need to be synced with the Portal after the start of a new month and before billing takes place. If you have unsynced CloverTwo devices, your invoice may be based on CloverTwo’s best estimate of your revenue. This amount may or may not be corrected on a later invoice.


Invoices will be generated within 5 (five) days of the start of the new month. Any amount due will automatically be collected if you have configured a payment method that allows for this. If payment can not be collected, the invoice is due within 14 (fourteen) calendar days of the invoice date. This term is non-negotiable, applies to all payment methods equally and can not be extended.

Failure to pay before the due date will result in restricted Portal access, meaning that you and other account managers can only visit the invoice payment page and will not be able to use the Live App. These restrictions will not apply to the CloverTwo POS App.

After Portal access is restricted, you will have an additional 14 (fourteen) days to make payment to prevent account deactivation. Once deactivated, CloverTwo POS Apps registered to your account will stop working. Account reactivation may attract a fee.

While CloverTwo strongly encourages you to pay using an automated payment method or directly through the invoice payment page, you are free to pay an invoice with a direct bank transfer. To ensure timely processing, please make sure to quote the invoice number. Payment processing can only take place after the money is deposited into CloverTwo’s bank account.


If you feel you have received an incorrect invoice, please send an email as soon as possible to finance@clovertwo.com. Extension of the payment due date may be granted at the discretion of CloverTwo finance staff.

Invoicing is an automated process, CloverTwo staff can not make changes to your account if it is in arrears.


All prices related to the use of the CloverTwo Platform shown on the CloverTwo website, Portal or anywhere else, exclude sales tax unless stated otherwise. Sales tax may be added to your invoice.

Your account is bound to an CloverTwo legal entity based on the country you selected when you created your account.


Please read the full terms of service to make sure you understand all your rights and responsibilities.